Charles River

Charles River Laboratories
Den Bosch B.V.

Hambakenwetering 7
5231 DD ’s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Tel:   +31(0)73 6406700

contact person:
Jeannette Paulussen
Head of Regulatory Affairs

Charles River, Den Bosch B.V. (formerly known as WIL Research Europe B.V. and NOTOX B.V.) is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Charles River Laboratories (CRL), is a global organization that provides product safety toxicological research and analytical services to the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical and biocides industries. Charles River operates as a leading company in Regulatory Affairs for (agro) chemicals, biocides, and pharmaceuticals. Our REACH services cover all aspects, from data evaluation and data gap analysis, substance identification and read across, to lead and member dossier preparation with a full hazard assessment including classification and labeling and if required, an environmental and human exposure and risk assessment. We also handle SIEF communication, consortium and project management. As an Only Representative we cover all necessary aspects and our responsibilities towards ECHA are reviewed continuously.