ChemSafe SRL

Chemsafe Srl
via Ribes,5
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)
tel + 39 0125 538888
fax + 39 0125 538475

contact person:
Dr. Antonio Conto
Industrial Toxicologist Senior

CHEMSAFE is an independent consulting and project planning company offering specialized services to Chemical, Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical companies mainly in the field of REACH and Biocides registration.

Founded in 2001 by Antonio Conto, CHEMSAFE offers its clients combined Scientific, Regulatory and Project Management expertise achieved through many years of regulatory and business activity.

From a single man company up to 2004, Chemsafe employs now (2010) 11 people specialized in the following different areas:

All people work with a team mentality adding together scientific/regulatory skills with customer care predisposition. Planning meetings take place every week in order to check the timing of each single project.

Our philosophy
CHEMSAFE operates as a network and its objective is to present customers with the best option available in terms of Quality, Cost and time-effectiveness and satisfying all regulatory requirements.

Our clients
CHEMSAFE offers consultancy and project management solutions to Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, and Cosmetic Companies. We can undertake part or complete programmes for the safety assessment of chemical and agrochemical compounds.

Most of our customers are Italian (around 80%) but the foreign customers are continuosly growing..