Intertek Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
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Bainbridge House                                   
86-90 London Road
M1 2PW  United Kingdom

tel:   +44(0)161 245 8070 
fax:  +44(0)161 933 4001 

contact person:
Jeremy J. Ramsden
Head Regulatory Services UK tel:   +44(0)161 245 8071

Intertek is a leading provider of quality & safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world.  From auditing & inspection, testing & certification, to global chemicals management services, Intertek has the expertise, resources and global reach to support customers through a network of more than 35,000 people in 1,000 laboratories & offices, in over 100 countries.

Our REACH services cover all aspects of registration and compliance - from lead & joint registration dossier compilation and submission, including; testing & testing strategies; preparation of chemical safety assessments (CSA), chemical safety reports (CSR), classification & labelling and SIEF participation - to strategic consulting, compliance auditing, eSDS authoring, communication with supply chain actors, liaison with Competent Authorities, and not least Only Representation. 

We can provide complete project management and technical services for a single substance to an entire company portfolio.  With decades of experience, coupled with extensive knowledge, our dedicated teams help customers comply with complex global chemicals management regulation, such as REACH, new substance/polymer notification, food contact, biocides, cosmetics and more.