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contact person:
Nathalie Moreau
Senior Consultant

Since more than 30 years as a liable service partner, Luxcontrol meets the changing needs of its customers by developing integrated services both in the industry, handicrafts, trade, services supply and in the public sector.

Formerly essentially experienced as regulatory constraints imposed by governmental authorities, environmental protection, health and safety at work, hygiene and food safety, quality and product safety are becoming more and more key elements for business strategy and part of innovation and sustainable development.

Depending on the positioning of your company in the supply chain, the amount of products and their hazard, your liability in REACH & CLP regulations may vary a lot. Therefore it is quite important to evaluate and understand the status of your company and business under these new European regulations.

Luxcontrol experts, working on the different topics of the regulation, assist you for a successfully implementation of REACH & CLP regulation.