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Marcus Schwantner

Phone: +49 6021 15086-0

REACHECK OR Service UG is a 100% subsidiary of the asseso AG and also uses its infrastructure. Together we offer expert knowledge in product compliance management (PCM) and provide flexible, interdisciplinary services ensuring that products meet all legal requirements when made available on the EU market, for both EU and non-EU companies. Consultants and service providers in one, we ensure comprehensive support for our customers. We works with a holistic approach and our staff consists of highly qualified, regularly trained engineers and chemists.

Since the REACH regulation entered into force, we carried out numerous registration projects for companies in various sectors of industry and supported these companies in discharging their extensive documentational and informational obligations. REACHECK OR Service UG focuses on the task of being the Only Representative for non-EU companies. We always build on what is already available. After a careful situation and data analysis, we develop sensible, economically justifiable test and registration strategies and conduct the necessary registrations with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). We fulfil all your informational obligations to suppliers, customers and authorities.

Our task is to make REACH and all other aspects of Product Compliance easy and manageable for you, so that you are able to focus on your main business.