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TSG Consulting
Concordia House
St James Business Park
Grimbald Crag Court
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Contact person:
Dr. Steven Brennan
Senior Chemicals & REACH Consultant

Mob: +44 78 2104 6699
E Steven.Brennan@tsgconsulting.com

About TSG Consulting

TSG Consulting (part of the Science Group) is a leading regulatory consulting company providing scientific and registration services to the chemical industries. Our REACH regulatory consultants have many years’ experience of working in the industry and have guided companies through every aspect of their REACH obligations since the introduction of this regulation.

TSG is able to support you with:

European presence

TSG has a presence in the UK, Spain, Germany and France. With this, we offer local knowledge and have forged relationships with the authorities in the different European regions.