ORO at ECHA Open Forum Meeting

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ORO had the opportunity to participate at the ECHA Open Forum Meeting, held in Helsinki 08. Nov. 2016.

ECHA took the opportunity to address question to ORO in an [interview] with Dr. Rudolf Staab (ORO Vice Secretary).


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REACH compliant imports!

ORO Information paper.

Seeking Downstream User status for imported chemicals can be a difficult and risky task.


According to the Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH), it is the obligation of the recipient of a product
containing chemical substances in the scope of REACH, especially when purchasing from outside the EU, to
clarify and document the individual REACH role (Importer / Downstream User) before a substance is placed on
the market - even when an OR is involved...

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Best Practice Guidance 2014

Beitrag ORO ReachNav 11 12 2014

REACH in der Praxis

ORO veröffentlicht Best Practice Guidance

Article from Dr. Dieter Drohmann, President Only Representative Organisation (ORO) Dec. 2014 / page 6-7

Das EU Chemikalienrecht ist seit der Verabschiedung und Implementierung von REACH seit 2007 völlig im Umbruch,
nicht nur in Europa, sondern weltweit. Da REACH eine EU-Verordnung ist, stellt diese für nicht-EU-Hersteller
keine Verpflichtung zur Einhaltung dar. Daher verlagert REACH die Registrierpflicht auf die EU-Importeure
(in ihrer Rolle als Inverkehrbringer). Dies kann für Importeure zu einer großen Kostenbelastung werden, da jeder
Importeur alle importierten Stoffe selber registrieren muss. Nicht-EU-Hersteller können ihre Stoffe nur durch
solche Importeure in die EU exportieren, welche selbst Stoffregistrierungen besitzen und sind somit von den
Importeuren abhängig.... [download article]


ORO Technical Meeting 2/2014


September 18, the second ORO Technical Meeting in Munich

2. TM Meeting Munich

ORO Members participating


ORO 5 Years


p oro 5 years

On May 21, ORO celebrates with its Members the 5th. anniversary in Brussels.

WP 20140521 ORO

ORO Members participating

At the same Event, the new Best Practice Guide (PDF 2 MB) was presented and published.

ORO invited two guest speakers from FECC (Dr. Uta Jensen-Korte) and Eurometaux - European Association of Metals (Mr. Hugo Waeterschoot).

Both speakers acknowledged on behalf of thier associations the work of ORO and its members as reliable stakeholders important for EU industry to access compliant chemicals worldwide.

WP 20140521 guests

Guests and ORO President
(f.l.t.r) H. Waeterschoot, D. Drohmann, Dr. U. Jensen-Korte)


Importer Coverage through the Only Representative Facility

FECC Newsletter Issue 1 - 01/2013 (Page 9)
ORO President Dr. Drohmann contributes Article to FECC Newsletter

 [download the article]



cefic REACH Authorisation Guidance

ORO supports the cefic REACH Authorisation Guidance for Downstream Users.

b Final Joint Authorisation Guide-DU

A manufacturer/Importer or a non-Community manufacturer represented by an "only representative" may only sell the substance for a given use if he and the use are covered by a granted authorisation. Authorisation obtained by M/I/OR or by an immediate DU.

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ORs vital for fair global regulatory compliance

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ORs vital for fair global regulatory compliance

A REACH only representative (OR) has the right to act on behalf of a non-EU manufacturer to fulfil several obligations of REACH. In doing this, the OR prevents a distortion of  competition between EU and non-EU firms. ...

Article [download] pdf 100 KB


ORO accredited as ECHA Stakeholder organisation

16. December 2011

By accrediting Only Representative Organisation, who is the only association for European Only Representatives, ECHA acknowledges the importance of Only Representatives in the REACH process.

Since one of the main objective of ORO and its members is to contribute with high quality to the REACH process, ORO is very proud to qualify the ECHA criteria.

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ORO Executive Council


ORO Technical Meeting 3/2011

Second ORO Technical Meeting 3/2011 for Members.

Date: Wednesday 15 December 2011
Address: Brussel
Land: Belgium

ORO Best Practice Guide

The new
ORO Best Practice Guide



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