ORO at ECHA Open Forum Meeting

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ORO had the opportunity to participate at the ECHA Open Forum Meeting, held in Helsinki 08. Nov. 2016.

ECHA took the opportunity to address question to ORO in an [interview] with Dr. Rudolf Staab (ORO Vice Secretary).


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ORO Objectives

Dear interested Only Representative,

Our industry is a very emerging one and we all have the opportunity and responsibility to create something solid and reliable – in particular for our customer industry - the non-EU manufacturers of chemical substances and preparations thereof.

Experience in the interpretation of Only Representative (OR) responsibilities within the REACH regulation and guidance shows, that an OR voice is urgently needed in the REACH implementation process and the political debate. Therefore the 3 founding members – like many others we have talked to – believe that we need to organise ourselves and create an OR professional body. We came up with the name ORO – Only Representative Organisation. We have started to put down the objectives we believe are of utmost importance and concluded the following:

Set up OR quality standards

  • Agree on minimum requirements and basic standards an ORO Member needs to meet
  • Promote these standards towards stakeholders
  • To increase the reputation and importance of our industry segment

Common Understanding of REACH

  • Develop a common understanding of REACH requirements for ORs and non-EU manufacturers
  • To establish working groups and committees to address specific areas of concern to the membership
  • Establish a communication network between members on technical and regulatory issues related to REACH Implementation

Interests Representation

  • Represent the interests of ORs and non-EU manufacturers
  • Cooperate with regulators and other stakeholder in the REACH process
  • To promote ORO members as superior sources for OR Services
  • Please come prepared to be able to discuss the objectives.

Organisers and Founders

  • Dieter Drohmann
  • Marc Kiener


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                www.onlyrepresentative.org

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